Living Batik is about bringing static batik paintings to life in a fun interactive way. We merged the old icon of Malaysia (batik) with the new icon of Malaysia (KLCC) by placing a new media installation at KLCC where people can play with sound reactivity. Once the participants make noises i.e. talks or clap their hands, the batik will appear and grow. The Suria KLCC logo acts as a “sun” that soars upwards if sound continues to be detected. However, if the sound stops, the batik patterns will retract and the “sun” descends until it disappears altogether. It is fitting for us to use the “sun” to symbolize Suria KLCC because suria means “sun” in Malay. We also designed a mobile installation unit so that it can be set up anywhere and in many different patterns. The batik designs are also modern and daring, perfect for a new-aged installation.

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